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Global Growth Opportunities SMA

The Zurich Investments Global Growth Opportunities SMA is a high conviction portfolio of approximately 20 international stocks. The Global Growth Opportunities SMA is for long-term investors who want to capitalise on the unique opportunities presented by companies with sustainable earnings acceleration.

Our strategic investment partner, American Century Investments, manages the portfolio with the belief that accelerating, sustainable growth in revenues and earnings results in significant potential for stock price appreciation. The team focuses on bottom up research to construct an actively managed portfolio reflective of the portfolio manager's best ideas.

How the SMA works

Separately managed accounts (SMAs) allow investors to own the underlying assets in their portfolios rather than units in a managed fund. Launched in partnership with American Century through HUB24 in August 2019, this SMA includes 18 to 22 of the highest conviction stocks from the Zurich Global Growth Strategy, managed by our strategic investment partner American Century Investments.

American Century is the underlying manager and has been successfully managing funds in Australia to their growth philosophy since 2009. The portfolio aims to provide investors with long-term capital growth by investing in securities listed on international stock exchanges. The fund aims to outperform the MSCI World Ex Australia Index by 3%, after fees, over periods of five or more years.

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Zurich Investments provides exclusive access to specialist managers recognised as being amongst the best in their area of expertise. We appointed American Century Investments in 2009 to manage the Zurich Investments Global Growth Share Fund, and then launched the Zurich Investments Concentrated Global Growth Fund with them in October 2015.

American Century Investments were established in 1958 and today have over US$213 billion in funds under management and employ 196 investment professionals*.  They have a very different ownership structure where more than 40% of the company is owned by The Stowers Institute for Medical Research, which allows strong philanthropic support for cancer research.

The portfolio is managed with the belief that accelerating growth in revenues and earnings results in significant potential for stock price appreciation. The focus is on inflection points in company fundamentals with a process designed to uncover stocks that can outperform as earnings growth accelerates, market expectations rise and multiples expand.


Keith Creveling
Senior Portfolio Manager
(with ACI since 1999)
Brent Puff
Senior Portfolio Manager
(with ACI since 2001)
Ted Harlan
Portfolio Manager
(with ACI since 2007)

*Date as of 31 December 2020

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