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Ryan's story

Leading technology

Now more than ever, financial services technology is improving at a rapid pace and we have reinvented business processes that allow us to be more agile, customer-focused, innovative, and accessible. Innovation has the ability for us to deliver more advice to more Australians and we are continuously looking for ways to streamline and simplify this process for our partners.

We recently spoke with Ryan, who says the technology offering from his partners is pivotal for his business.

"It's really important that we have good technology offerings, particularly from companies like Zurich. At the moment, our compliance levels are higher than ever. The cost to serve for clients is really, really high. We need technology to build that efficiency through the advice process. It also enables us to then provide more accurate, timely advice to clients. And ultimately, we need to have those solid tech offerings so that we can achieve that."

In recent years we have developed the Zurich Adviser Portal – a simple and seamless all-in-one platform for quotes, applications, renewals, client management, notifications, scenario planning and advice tools. This is our commitment to put your needs as a modern advice practice front and centre, streamlining the way you do business.

Functionality means nothing without design and user experience, and our online platform provides a blend of these elements to maximise productivity.

"I've seen a really significant increase in the technology offering, particularly from Zurich. And that's really important for us, because we need to keep building that efficiency. What we've seen improve is the online portal, keeping us up-to-date with the initial process of researching and identifying what we're trying to offer to clients, all the way through to the end of the process. So once we lodge an application, we can then track it. This helps not just myself, but particularly our admin staff. Being able to easily log onto the portal, see exactly where things are at- iit really just helps speed up the process."

We should not lose sight that some of the most significant improvements to technology occurs in the back end – We have partnered with experts such as UnderwriteMe to deliver an engine that will deliver a faster, smarter and flexible underwriting experience. We use the feedback from advisers, like Ryan, to help us continuously improve the overall experience and create market leading solutions. Ryan says

"The biggest advantage that we find with Zurich is definitely around the online portal. We go to a lot of effort to provide really good advice to our clients. Once the client then agrees to that plan, one of the biggest challenges we have in the industry space is actually getting the application in force.And what Zurich offers is a really good solution with the online portal to keep us up-to-date, all the way along, so that we can actually deal with things if and when they come up. We have really good communication with them."

It’s an exciting journey we are on with our advisers, to make sure we are improving the day to day interactions you have with us. Ultimately this will enable advisers to better serve their clients.


Leading Technology

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