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Sacha's story

Breadth and quality of cover

The very nature of personalised advice is that every client has a unique set of circumstances that requires tailored product offerings to suit. This is why product choice remains a key adviser requirement when dealing with a modern insurer.

Zurich has experience managing customers with an array of different policy types, hence why we have two open and active products available today.  This includes our flagship Wealth Protection life insurance product, plus Zurich Active (a unique, severity-based policy).

We recently spoke with Sacha, who like Zurich, understands that a choice of solutions, makes a difference when dealing with such a diverse range of clients…

"Zurich's range of products are more applicable to a wider range of people. My experience has been that it doesn't matter whether I've got white collar, blue collar, male, female etc... As we know, those sorts of things can make a difference with pricing and experience on product, but Ive had no problems placing any type of client with Zurich…"

The ability to find the right product for every client, is an important consideration, although it is not just the product that’s important. Pricing principles that focus on value and sustainability are also a consideration t in’ the recommendation process. We’ve worked hard to ensure sustainable pricing is built into our products and favour long term consistency over short term premium discounts. This leads to fewer awkward “bill shock” conversations with clients which we believe is a priority to advisers.

Education is also a critical aspect of the advice process, with financial literacy still a barrier when recommending products to clients. With the media shining a spotlight on the insurance and advice sectors in recent years, clients are more aware and doing their own research pre and post meetings. Sacha thinks this can have a positive impact on the industry…

"…I think that websites like, and other informal accessible resources, that allow Australian consumers to talk about financial issues amongst themselves can be quite a powerful experience…. But to address the financial literacy problem, we actually need to get to people young, so at school. So financial literacy programs in school, has to start younger, because people just don't know what they don't know"

Zurich’s life insurance offerings can be tailored to your client’s unique needs, making us the ideal partner. Customers can only benefit when we work together when we share our capability and expertise to create powerful customer experiences. And whilst we are confident our product solutions will deliver quality and value for money, it’s the partnership we have with advisers like Sacha that make a difference at the end of the day.

"Everyone at Zurich that I work with, I consider a friend. It makes life a lot easier and gives me a lot more confidence that if I have a case that's difficult, that we can work together to get it through, and most times we do. So I really do appreciate that…"


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