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Zurich life insurance via platforms

Platforms - an easier way for your clients to afford their cover

First month's premium waived

The popularity of risk products on platforms continues to grow thanks to their convenience and efficiency, combined with the affordability benefits of insurance written and paid for through superannuation. With Zurich’s life insurance via platform, your client's first month’s premium is waived for all new policies that go into force. Commissions still apply.

Other reasons to choose Zurich when taking life insurance via platform:

  • The ability to split policies to enable part payment via superannuation
  • Accidental injury benefit which is built into lump sum policies in super
  • Tele-underwriting saves up to four hours per case, on average 
  • Award winning products that are regularly updated 
  • Upgrade guarantee – fairer for clients, less work for you 
  • Accessible relationship managers who add real value 
  • A global brand your clients can trust 

Currently available through the following platforms: