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The Adviser Portal

Saving you time and removing complexity

The Adviser Portal. Keeps getting better.

Our adviser portal is better than ever before. With new and improved digital capabilities and a range of self-service functionality, we are helping make your business more efficient. 

Saving you time and removing complexity. All in one place. Anytime. Anywhere. From any device.

Key benefits & features

The Adviser Portal is intelligent, intuitive and seamless with a range of self-service functionality to help make your business more efficient. With access to Zurich and OnePath quoting platforms, you can easily quote across both our product suites – making it easier for you to do business with us and perform at your best.

Available in real-time so you can:

  • Choose from Zurich and OnePath powerful quoting platforms
  • Make alterations to inforce policies
  • Personalise your home dashboard with important notifications
  • Update and access important client information instantly
  • Delegate third party authorities to help manage your clients
  • Lodge claims on behalf of your client and get real time updates
  • Submit client & policy changes without a client signature
  • Access _Zone Education, all with the same single sign-on.

  • Two leading Insurers.
  • Three highly sought-after products.
  • Two powerful underwriting engines - UnderwriteMe and OneCare Express.​
  • Easily quote across both our product suites from the one platform so you know you’re offering the right fit for your client.

  • A combined view of both Zurich and OnePath submitted quotes, applications and inforce policies.
  • All-in-one quoting, application and client management intuitive system saving you time.​ 
  • Intelligent pre-assessment tools giving you and your clients a better indication of requirements up front. ​ 
  • View essential client information at your fingertips and in one simple view with our portal dashboard. ​ 
  • Live help centre with guided walk-throughs at your fingertips, to ensure you are maximising your efficiencies. 

  • Smart Navigation allows you to navigate to any point in the quote process without having to re-enter information.​ 
  • Regular updates and enhancements to both underwriting engines allows us to improve our straight through processing rates and real time decision making.​ 
  • Instant premium calculations that respond in real time. ​ 
  • Mobile-optimised design so you can connect on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop), anytime, anywhere. 

  • Our easy to use, powerful solution to help you grow and manage your advice business with confidence. ​ 
  • Keep up to date on our latest product offerings and marketing materials all from within the portal so you can be ahead of the game. ​ 
  • _ZONE Education – professional development so you can be confident you are providing value beyond advice for you clients. 

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Continuous improvements

Alteration quotes

  • Extended the quote expiry period from 30 days to 60 days for policy alteration quotes.
  • When trying to submit a policy alteration quote online, if underwriting is required we now provide more detailed explanations of what you need to do, via the messaging functionality in The Adviser Portal, rather than referring you to The Adviser Guide.
  • Additional projection options for alteration quotes allowing you to provide more detailed premium estimates for your clients.

  • Make alterations to inforce policies, such as; change of ownership quoting for non-super to super/superlink scenarios (excluding Level Wealth Protection), remove CPI indexation permanently.

  • Perform alteration quotes on level premiums - policy reductions and increases

  • Ability to quote to; increase / decrease cover, update waiting period / benefit period, remove core / optional covers, update payment frequency, add / remove options (e.g. increasing claims option), update premium structure – Stepped to Level (only), change definition (reducing risk) – e.g. Income Protector Plus to Income Protector.
Self-service functions

  • Enhanced ability to update and add new direct debit details
  • Make a one-off payment on behalf of your clients when premiums are overdue or when approaching anniversary
  • Update rollover details, as well as debit details for your client

  • The ability to export full details of your clients’ policy to an easy to understand PDF

  • Update payment information instantly

  • Decline an indexation increase without the need for a client signature

Rebrand and design

  • OnePath client management available on The Adviser Portal

  • Expanded tools and resources to include OnePath resources

  • The Zurich Adviser Portal renamed to ‘The Adviser Portal’ 

Removing complexity

  • Easier access to underwriting requirements forms when completing an Application

  • Remuneration information displayed at policy level

  • Permanent CPI decline – no more signed requests required

  • Automated Declaration of Continued Good Health (DICGH) notices available at day 60

Improve efficiency

  • Ability to reinstate your clients' life insurance policy without requiring additional underwriting (within the auto-reinstate period)
  • Add third party authorities

  • Display Service Requests at a policy level

  • Submit policy alterations without underwriting from the one screen 

  • Clients can now receive a confirmation email when you update any information on their behalf.

  • SMS notifications covering; receipt of application, cancellation warning, application accepted

  • Manage your client’s tele-interview appointment bookings online and without the need to email us

  • New instant reporting available reports including a LiveWell client report