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Mia's story

Adviser education and advocacy

Education is a key foundation for a thriving and prosperous industry. As we continue our journey towards professionalism it is important to recognise that with increased education standards can support other important benefit factors. We will be empowered to lead and contribute positively with newer and diverse skill sets, whilst ensuring an ethical code of conduct guides our decision making towards the best interests of a modern Australia.

Our current and potential clients are also evolving and becoming more financially aware, with the spotlight into financial services providing a platform for their own education.

This is why we have developed an adviser centric, on demand education platform called _ZONE. It is designed to guide you through the professional development you need as an adviser to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We recently spoke to Mia, who gave us some insight into why education and advocacy for the sector is so important for her…

"As a new person in the industry, we come in very blindsided and it can be really difficult to understand all of the information that's out there and wrapping your head around the different ins and outs of every product type, it's almost impossible. But thanks to Zurich and our BDMs, we were really able to understand these concepts really easily and quickly, thanks to their help."

We also recognise the value of advice and the people who provide it. As a leader of the industry, we have always and will continue to champion the important work our partners do every day. Whether it be through deep thought leadership, government lobbying or ensuring our relationship teams are amongst the best in the industry – we believe a collaborative industry is a thriving industry.

"In those toughest moments, I would have to say Zurich really steps up to the plate whenever we need them. We have so much certainty and so much faith in them that we've done things right by the client, they've been underwritten properly, there's going to be no surprises at claim time. So Zurich is absolutely one of the insurers that we trust wholeheartedly with that."

"We've copped a lot of heat in the last few years, and Zurich has really just stood behind us and has continued to advocate and will continue to advocate for advisers, The value of advice is 100% absolutely still there…"

As industry leaders we want to stand for many things: – vision – leadership – excellence. We are continuing to innovate and drive a pioneering spirit and the highest professional standards. Many advisers are continuously looking to improve both their business efficiency and their client engagement proposition and _ZONE Education plays a pivotal role in sharing best practice insights.

Our commitment to finding and promoting best practice in financial advice is one of the significant ways we help support advisers like Mia.


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