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Managed funds

At Zurich Investments, we’ve been partnering with leading fund managers around the world for over 40 years. Through these partnerships, advisers and investors gain exclusive access to specialist managers recognised as experts in their fields. 

We believe that successful investing comes from understanding the factors that influence returns for different investments in different markets. That’s why our managed funds cover a range of asset classes and are suitable for a variety of investment objectives. And because our funds are independently rated by Australia’s leading investment research firms, you know you’re in safe hands. 

Discover how Zurich Investments can help you access compelling opportunities for strategic wealth creation. Our range of portfolios are available either as stand-alone products or to help diversify existing investment strategies.

Global Investment Funds

Global Growth Share Fund

This fund aims to deliver long-term capital growth by investing in international securities with high growth potential. It’s designed for long-term investors who want to diversify their portfolios while gaining access to stocks that have the potential to outperform as their earnings growth accelerates.

Concentrated Global Growth Fund

With a concentrated portfolio of around 30–50 stocks, this fund represents the ‘best ideas’ in the global share market. It’s aimed at investors seeking long-term capital growth through international securities, with stocks are typically sourced from the top half of Zurich’s Global Growth Share Fund.

Global Thematic Share Fund

By applying a distinctive thematic approach, this fund identifies stocks that are poised to benefit from emerging trends and structural changes in the global economy. The fund’s aim is to produce above-market returns with lower-than-market risk. It also offers investors global diversification and the potential for long-term capital growth.

Global Thematic Focus Fund

Within this fund, 3–6 investments themes are applied to identify stocks likely to benefit from emerging global economic trends. While it provides less diversification than the Global Thematic Share Fund, the select number of investment themes offers investors the potential for high returns and long-term capital growth, through exposure to international shares.

Healthcare Impact Fund

This fund focuses on investing in innovative healthcare companies from around the world that are positioned to have a positive societal impact. Its portfolio impact themes include new disease treatments, enhancements to medical equipment, access to medicine and new solutions for lowering healthcare costs. The fund is suited to investors with an investment horizon of five years or more, who are seeking long-term capital growth from international stocks.

Managed Growth Fund

This fund invests in a range of growth and defensive assets – from Australian and international shares to property and fixed interest securities to alternatives, infrastructure, absolute return bonds and cash. Designed to reduce risk in investor portfolios through diversification, it aims to deliver both capital growth and some income over the medium-to-long term.

Domestic Investment Funds

Australian Property Securities Fund

Designed for investors with a medium-to-long term investment horizon of 5–10 years, this fund aims to provide capital growth and regular income. By investing in property trusts listed on the ASX. it offers exposure to a range of sectors including retail, commercial and industrial property securities.

Celeste Australian Small Companies Fund

The Celeste Australian Small Companies Fund is a high conviction Australian Small Companies Fund, providing an actively managed exposure to ASX-listed shares that are outside of the ASX100. The Celeste Australian Small Companies Fund typically invests in approximately 30-50 companies that they expect will outperform over the medium to long term.