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Nic's story

Wellbeing and community

At Zurich, we are focused on Australians living happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives, every day. Within financial services we are uniquely positioned to  understand, and ultimately protect against life’s challenges. Whilst we can support our clients financially should an accident or illness occur, it is important to ensure we are educating and promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

This focus has led us to develop our service offering to include our wellbeing benefits reward platform, Zurich LiveWell. We spoke to Nic who provided some insight into how he uses LiveWell to bring the insurance conversation to the forefront and make insurance more engaging for his younger clients.

"We're all living longer, we're all spending more time outdoors, outside the pandemic, and ultimately if you've got the right mindset in terms of where you're heading with wealth and with health, often you're a happier person, you're functioning better, and you're probably more proactive at work and doing more of the things that you actually enjoy doing. LiveWell for me is a game changer for the people that I work with. I'm fortunate that a lot of my clients are my age, similar I suppose, situations in life, busy, work, family and where LiveWell works well for me as a holistic advisor is it brings insurance to the forefront at every review meeting."

As a leading global insurer, we are also committed to driving a real change in our community. On a local level, we are working with our community partners like Tackle Your Feelings, the Reach Foundation and Beyond Empathy, connecting in real ways to help lives of everyday Australians.

These benefits also pass down to our customers and clients of Nic,

"People like shouldering themselves with people who they respect around things that they're comfortable with. So I suppose what I'm trying to say in this is that where you've got a company like Zurich, who do lots in the community for lots of different charities; my clients who are moms and dads feel comfortable partnering with someone like that."

Globally we contribute to the efforts of the Z Zurich Foundation which aims to support a fairer, more open and sustainable society by empowering vulnerable people within its communities to better protect themselves from risk, and to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Its strategic pillars of adapting to climate change, improving mental wellbeing and enabling social equity aren’t causes picked at random. The key to creating a better future is connection – fostering relationships between those in the know and those most in need and together tackling society’s challenges from the ground up.


Wellbeing and community

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