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Managed Growth Fund

The Zurich Investments Managed Growth Fund was first launched as a wholesale superannuation portfolio in 1979, making it one of the oldest managed funds in Australia that is still open for investment. Over this extensive period, the fund has continued to deliver competitive returns for investors. 

The Zurich Investments Managed Growth Fund invests in a mix of Australian and international shares, fixed interest securities, listed property securities, alternatives, infrastructure, convertible bonds and cash. The Fund is designed to reduce investment risk by diversifying across asset classes.

The Fund aims to:

  • provide investors with capital growth over the medium to long term, through exposure across a range of asset classes
  • achieve CPI+2.5% p.a. over rolling five year periods before fees and taxes.

Zurich Investments believes that value can be added to the fund by carefully constructing a strategic benchmark allocation to achieve the long-term objectives. Active management of the tactical positions around this, using a combination of top-down and bottom-up inputs, can also provide the opportunity to enhance returns. Through access to extensive research capabilities, the fund aims to add value through superior stock selection in the underlying asset classes. 

The Zurich Investments Managed Growth Fund is managed by an investment team of four highly experienced investment professionals at Zurich Investments. 


Matthew Drennan
Investment Committee Chair/ Portfolio Manager
Patrick Noble
Portfolio Manager
Claire McCormack
Quantitative Analysis, Alternate Chair
Charles Stodart

Zurich Investments believes that successful investing comes from understanding the factors that drive and influence returns for different investments in different markets. The team is supported by sector specialists from across the major asset classes.

The strategic investment partners for each underlying asset class for the fund are as follows:

As per the current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), the Zurich Investments Managed Growth Fund aims to achieve CPI+2.5% p.a. over rolling five year periods. The CPI data used to calculate the trailing performance data for the quoted Benchmark has been sourced from the Reserve Bank of Australia.

*Inception date is 2 April 1997

Important information: This information is current as at July 2023 and may be subject to change. It is derived from sources believed to be accurate as at this date. Zurich Investment Management Limited (Zurich Investments) ABN 56 063 278 400, AFSL 232511, GIIN XYY9MQ.00000.SP.036, is the issuer and responsible entity of the Zurich Investments Managed Growth Fund ARSN 089 663 865.

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