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Chris's story

Global scale, local care

The Australian life insurance industry has endured challenges in recent years which has been partly responsible for a consolidation of large-scale insurers. Being part of one of the world’s largest, specialist insurance companies, Zurich Australia has been able to draw on the experience and learnings from over 170 markets that we operate in globally. 

We recently spoke to Chris, about why this is an important factor when recommending an insurer to his clients.

"Zurich's a household brand and a household name. Almost every client has heard of Zurich. So the ability for us, as a fully independent practice, to recommend Zurich to our clients makes our job a lot easier. Zurich's such a well-known, reliable, and respected brand."

Like Zurich, Chris has been on a journey of growth over the past 4 to 5 years and has been able apply global learnings to solving local needs and is passionate about helping customers understand and protect themselves against risk. Chris says that this advantage should not be underplayed.

"…Our business has grown significantly over the last four to five years, to the point where we're in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Zurich being a worldwide insurer, they have that global view of their busines and they're far more resilient to any changes or if there's a downturn in distribution, particularly in the IFA space."

Our Australian business has grown significantly in the past 5 years alone, now employing more than 1,000 insurance experts across Australia who share the commitment to always placing our customers' needs at the heart of our business.


Global scale, local care

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