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The Cost of Care: Volume 2

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With advancements in medical treatment, Australians have a longer life expectancy than ever before. But is living longer, living better? There is no simple answer to this question, after all, a life well lived is purely subjective. That said, an individual’s health – and wealth – can be determining factors in our quality of life as we get older.

In the much-anticipated Cost of Care: Volume 2, we provide updated incidence, prevalence and mortality data across an expanded number of health conditions including the latest in trends and treatments and shine a light on the often-unseen implications of significant health events.

Chronic disease can place a major financial strain on a household, with the individual having to delay or worse case, forgo, vital treatment if they are unable to meet the cost of care. Poor health can also impact the productivity of the individual and their caregiver, leading to loss of household income. Cost of Care: Volume 2 delves deeper into these out of pocket expenses and how individuals and families can protect themselves for an unexpected health event.

Volume 2 has also been enhanced with new content on the key insurance considerations and claims experiences, and for the first time we include a section on Paediatrics. The interactive, digital format improves navigation and brings the key statistics to life.

As a provider of financial services, you can use the Cost of Care insights to build knowledge and awareness of the Australian health and financial ecosystems. It’s important context for broader education and articulating why life insurance is so important.

Since the original Cost of Care whitepaper released in 2018, the insurance landscape has changed significantly through regulatory reform, further advances in medical treatments, the rise of certain health events and changes in work.

Zurich is proud to release this updated volume and support the ongoing education of Australians when it comes to protecting their health and wealth – and to live longer, happier lives.