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Zurich Income Safeguard

Introducing Zurich Income Safeguard

We have designed a new suite of products, making income protection easier to understand, and ultimately offering more certainty for the future. Which means you can protect your biggest asset - your income - with even more confidence.

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What it means for you – A new era with new products

Zurich Income Safeguard ushers in a new era of certainty, stability, and sustainability in income protection products. More importantly, they will continue to excel at meeting the core customer need - for cover which protects them when they are temporarily unable to work (or unable to work at full capacity) and earn an income, and which supports them in their return-to-work journey.

Please download the fact sheet which highlights some important changes.

Please download our new product information. 

Watch our explainer videos on Zurich Income Safeguard. These videos will help you gain clarity on the product, it’s benefits and our commitment to your clients when it comes to claim time and supporting them in their journey back to wellness.

Supporting you and your clients through this transition

Our product design focus is getting back to the primary purpose of Income Protection. As industry leaders, we believe that future IP products must:

  1. Pay claims – because at the end of the day – that’s what we are here to do
  2. Support your clients for the period of time they lose some/all of their income due to illness and injury
  3. Support your clients during their recovery back to health
  4. Support your clients to return to the life they love, and their work
  5. Give more premium stability – therefore you can have more confident conversations with your existing and future clients.

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